Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Bechtloff's Podcast: Episode 23

In this episode I talk about the stagnation of the gaming industry, gamergate and comicgate, some thoughts on game franchises like Bubble Bobble, Bomberman, and Tomb Raider, and why I love Taylor Swift. Check it out here. Also of note, I recently did a toy review for a Mario action figure I got. Check that out here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review of the Week: Edge of Spider-verse #3

This issue introduces us to Dr. Aaron Aikman, a brilliant chemist and medical doctor who used his genius to give himself an experimental treatment to give himself spider powers. We get some back story on him followed by a look at some of his villains, and just as he is about to save the city from certain doom, Morlun shows up to eat him. I don't want to share more about the story because you really should check it out for yourself. One of the things I loved about this was seeing Aaron's world and backstory unfold. They even showed us some of his villains by having panels done in the style of old 90's Marvel trading cards, which was an entertaining way to give us quick back story.

Frankly my only two real complains are they never really say why he gave himself that treatment, I assume he was trying to cure something but unless I missed it they didn't say. And having Morlun show up at the end and seal Aaron's doom was a huge downer. I got rather invested in him, and it's a waste to kill him off so soon. Perhaps he gets saved by some alternate reality Spider-men and we just didn't see that, it does end right as Morlun shows up after all. I for one really hope to see more of Aaron Aikman, the Spider-man. I give this issue 4 webs out of 5.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review of the Week: Edge of Spider-verse #2

So this series continues to pop around the multiverse introducing or reintroducing us to some of the key players of Spider-verse. This issue we see the much hyped Gwen Stacy Spider-woman. Not necessarily hyped by Marvel, more of a grass roots hype of this character really. Anyways the story has Gwen being bitten by the spider instead of Peter, and Peter, tired of being picked on, tries to give himself powers and turns himself into the Lizard. Gwen has to stop him which unfortunately results in Peter's death, which Jameson uses as an excuse to launch an anti-Spider-woman crusade, resulting in the police, including Gwen's father, after Spider-woman. Ultimately in this issue Gwen reveals herself to her dad, and ends up with his reluctant blessing. Also a UK version Spider-man is seen observing Spider-woman, saying she will do nicely. Apparently he is recruiting her for the spider-verse mess. Although if he is connected to the alternate Ock-Spidey's squad currently appearing in Superior Spider-man remains to be seen. 

For whatever reason, people really seemed to love the idea of this character. As soon as this Gwen Stacy as Spider-woman concept showed up in the solicits people went nuts. Tons of fan art were made. I don't know if it's the costume or what but people loved it. So it would be a damn shame if once we finally see the character it didn't live up to the hype. Well, thankfully, at least in my humble opinion it did. I don't know what Spider-verse will hold for this character, but I for one wouldn't mind seeing her get her own series at the end of this. This issue sets this Gwen up as a really interesting character living in a really interesting alternate world, and the dynamic with her father set up at the end could really use more exploring. And I would love to see how things might go with her and that world's version of Norman Osborn. So far, even though it's barely started I think this event has been pretty damn good, and this is the best issue yet from it. Definitely worth checking out, and is stand alone enough to be enjoyable without even digging into the Spider-verse event as a whole.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Bechtloff's Podcast: Episode 22

Davis Aurini joins me on the podcast this week to talk about GamerGate, SJW's, and the upcoming documentary he's doing with Jordan Owen. Check it out here.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mega Man vs Vectorman

I found an artist on DeviantArt recently, MegaRyan, who's work I absolutely love. I talked about his stuff a bit before as an example of one the the very creative people out there in geek culture that makes geekdom so wonderful. Anyways I had commissioned him to do this for me and I just love how it turned out. Mega Man and Vectorman have quite a bit in common and seeing the two meet would be a lot of fun. You should get on this Archie. Talk to Sega, I'm sure it wouldn't cost you much to use Vectorman, it's not like Sega is doing anything with him. Anyways, like I said, I thought I would share it here. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Review of the Week: Death of Wolverine #2

If you haven't already, check out my review of part one. Last issue Wolverine finds out that Madam Viper is the one who put the contract on his head, so this issue he decides to pay her a visit. When he finally confronts her she sicks her newest pet Sabertooth on him. Before Sabertooth can make short work of the de-powered Logan, Lady Deathstrike shows up to help him. Sabertooth and Viper both flee but Deathstrike informs Logan that someone has put prices on the heads of her, Logan, Sabertooth, and others "like us". When she seems Logan no longer has his healing she decides to take collect the bounty on his head in order to undo the one one hers, only to be stopped by Kitty Pryde.

It looks like this story is going to try and include as many important Wolverine related characters as it can, which is only fitting if it intends to be a major Wolverine epic. As with last issue, it's a little slow pace wise, but the fantastic art and solid characterization make up for it. Also like I said it is good to finally see the lose of Wolverine's healing treated like the major crippling thing it is, even if he is still probably too much of a bad ass given the circumstances. All and all this is a solid story so far and I'm looking forward to part three.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Should Movie Bob be fired?

A lot of people think the Escapist should outright fire Movie Bob Chipman over his disgusting behavior during #Gamergate. I see where they're coming, I really do, but I don't think that's what should be done here. I made a little video on the subject, check it out here.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Bechtloff's Podcast: Episode 21

In this week's podcast I of course talk more about GamerGate, why I can't stand the Amish, some games I've recently played, and more. Check it out here.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Review of the Week: Death of Wolverine #1

So for those of you who haven't heard, Wolverine has lost his healing factor. Not had it scaled back, but lost it completely. This has, oddly enough, been going on for a while in the books and now we get to the inevitable outcome of Wolverine with no healing factor, his death. Not much happens in this book, we just wee Reed Richards vowing he will find a way to fix this for Logan, then pretty much him making a sort of final stand up in a remote island in the Canadian north against the various enemies who would come for him, including the Daredevil villain Nuke, who we find out was merely hired by Madam Viper.

And that's about it really plot wise. I have to admit, when Wolverine lost his healing factor a few months ago I thought it was one of the dumbest things I've read in comics in a long time. I mean, I get that it's super hero comics, and I gotta suspend my disbelief, but you gotta meet me half way on that. A Wolverine with no healing factor should be dead in a week. Hell, just popping the claws would leave him needing stitches. And he was still an active Avenger and X-man after losing his healing? Bullshit. Just plain old bullshit. But this issue no longer just glosses over it and deals with what a dead man Logan is without his healing. The art and writing are both solid, and I really liked the very stoic way Logan is accepting his death sentence. I can't say I care for the speculator-bait feel to this story line, especially since we know he'll be back somehow in like 3 months time tops, but it was still a decent read and worth checking out.